Sentence Examples

  • Of the 16th of August 1527, 2 during the absence in France of Wolsey, who, not blinded by passion like Henry, naturally opposed the undesirable alliance, and was negotiating a marriage with Renee, daughter of Louis XII.
  • In 1505 Gui Duverger married Renee, heiress of Jacques Lemartin, seigneur de La Rochejacquelein, whose name he assumed.
  • Employed him to negotiate the proposed marriage of Charles of Austria with Renee of France, daughter of Louis XII., and appointed him governor to the dauphin Francis in 1518.
  • RENEE OF FRANCE (1510-1575), second daughter of Louis XII.
  • After his death in 1559, Renee returned to France and turned her duchy of Montargis into a centre of Protestant propaganda.