Sentence Examples

  • M, The Malpighian or renal caecal diverticula of Scorpio.
  • Certainly not all cases of renal dropsy show diminution in the excretion of chlorides.
  • Both belong to the category of " coelomoducts," namely, r- ' tubular or funnel-like portions of the coelom opening to the exterior in pairs in each somite (potentially,) and usually persisting in only a few somites as either "urocoels" (renal organs) or "gonocoels"(genital tubes).
  • A pair of renal tubes opening right and left, rather far forward on the sides of the body, are always present.
  • A pair of genital apertures, connected by genital ducts with the paired gonads, are found right and left near the nephridial pores, except in a few cases where the genital duct joins that of the renal organ (Spondylus).

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