Sentence Examples

  • There is no renal portal system, excepting unimportant vestiges of such a system in the head kidneys.
  • There are no renal organs with a wide intercellular lumen, such as occur in the Polychaeta, nor is there ever any permanent association between nephridia and ducts connected with the evacuation of the generative products, such as occur in Alciope, Saccocirrus, &c. In these points the Oligochaeta agree with the Hirudinea.
  • Close to this the small renal organ (i, mediad) and the larger renal organ (k, to the right and posteriorly) are seen, also the pericardium (1) and a coil of the intestine (int) embedded in the compact liver.
  • On cutting away the anterior part of the mantle-skirt so as to expose the sub-pallial chamber in the region of the neck, we find the right and left renal papillae (discovered by Lankester in 1867) on either side of the anal papilla (fig.
  • 17, d), we find right and left of the two renal apertures a right and left gillplume or ctenidium, which here as in Haliotis and Pleurotornaria retain their original paired condition.

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