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  • Collins indicates the possible extent to which the Jews may have been indebted to Chaldeans and Egyptians for their theological views, especially as great part of the Old Testament would appear to have been remodelled by Ezra; and, after dwelling on the points in which the prophecies attributed to Daniel differ from all other Old Testament predictions, he states the greater number of the arguments still used to show that the book of Daniel deals with events past and contemporaneous, and is from the pen of awriter of theMaccabean period, a view now generally accepted.
  • The fortifications, remodelled by the Venetians after 1489, the castle, the grand cathedral church of St Nicolas, and the remains of the palace and many other churches make Famagusta a place of unique interest.
  • The other public buildings of the town include the gildhall and law courts, in the Italian style with Corinthian pillars and pilasters, built in 1847 and internally remodelled in 1901; a prison (1829); a fine market hall (1830), rebuilt in 1897; a cattle market and abattoirs (1869); the Albert Hall for concerts and public meetings (1864); the; Royal Metal Exchange (1897); harbour trust offices (1904); a central post office (1901) and two theatres.
  • The repatriation of some 200,000 Boers followed, and the departments of justice, education and agriculture were remodelled.'
  • The parliament, composed of a single chamber, was to consist of 460 members-400 for England and Wales, and 30 each for Scotland and Ireland - and the representative system was entirely remodelled, growing towns sending members for the first time, and many small boroughs being disfranchised.

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