Sentence Examples

  • Cujus regio ejus religio - settlement upon a new soil involved dependence upon its god, and accordingly priests were sent to instruct the Samaritans in the fear of Yahweh.
  • Yet Judaism under Roman Christian law was a lawful religion (religio licita), Valentinian I.
  • An appreciative essay on Wollaston will be found in George Wilson's Religio Chemici (1862).
  • The cardinal line of the poem, "Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum," is elicited from him as his protest against the sacrifice of Iphigenia by her father.
  • In the Religious Peace of Augsburg the principle" cujus regio ejus religio "was accepted; by it a ruler's choice between Catholicism and Lutheranism bound his subjects, but any subject unwilling to accept the decision might emigrate without hindrance.

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