Sentence Examples

  • This defiance to the sovereigns of Russia and Austria rekindled the flames of war.
  • Annoyance at his foreign policy had rekindled the imperialism which the embarrassments created by Lord Beaconsfield had done so much to damp down.
  • Lfl 1713 against a Jansenist book by Father Quesnel rekindled a quarrel, the end of which Louis XIV.
  • The Jesuits, returned to power in 1723 with the duc de Bourbon and in 1726 with Fleury, rekindled the old strife regarding the bull Unigenitus in opposition to the Gallicans and the Jansenists.
  • This anomaly aroused lively protests, especially in the French group, after the battle of Agincourt had rekindled national animosity on both sides.