Sentence Examples

  • In 1858, the centennial year of his birth, his remains were reinterred with impressive ceremonies at Richmond, Virginia.
  • Body was identified before burial at Al Kasr, reinterred at Ceuta, and thence (1582) removed by Philip II.
  • In 1908 the body of George Clinton was removed from Washington, D.C., and reinterred in Kingston on the 250th anniversary of the building of the stockade.
  • Was honourably reinterred; the young Mortimer was taken into favour; the heirs of those who had suffered in the last reign were restored gradually to their titles and estates.
  • Bruce's heart rests in Melrose, but his bones lie in Dunfermline Abbey, where (after the discovery of the skeleton in 1818) they were reinterred with fitting pomp below the pulpit of the New church.