Sentence Examples

  • In 1820 the town was incorporated as the City of Jersey, but it remained a part of the township of Bergen until 1838, when it was reincorporated as a distinct municipality.
  • Nevada City was first incorporated in 1851 under a special act of the legislature (repealed in 1852); it was reincorporated in 1856 and again in 1878.
  • Charters were granted by subsequent sovereigns down to Charles I., who reincorporated the town under the title of the mayor, jurats, bailiffs and burgesses of Queenborough.
  • Murphysboro was incorporated in 1867, and reincorporated in 1875.
  • A second battle, fought in the Dardanelles (July 17-19), ended by a lucky shot blowing up the Venetian flag-ship; the losses of the Ottoman fleet were repaired, and in the middle of August Kuprili appeared off Tenedos, which was captured on the 31st and reincorporated permanently in the Turkish empire.