Sentence Examples

  • 154 seq.), we have an evident jumble in the writer's mind between the Asiatic and the African location of Prester John; among other matters it is stated that Prester John and the Nubians dug a chapel out of the rock under Calvary in honour of the three kings: "et vocatur illa capella in partibus illis capella Nubiyanorum ad reges in praesentem diem, sed Sarracini..
  • His study on the palaces constructed by the Merovingian kings (De basilicas quas primi Francorum reges condiderunt, 1658-1660) is noteworthy in this connexion.
  • Tacitus says of the ancient Germans reges ex nobilitate, duces ex virtute sumunt; i.e.
  • He also drew up a list of the epitaphs in Westminster Abbey, which was issued as Reges, Reginae, Nobiles et alii in ecclesia collegiata Beati Petri Westmonasterii sepulti.