Sentence Examples

  • Richard stayed in the Holy Land for another year, during which he won a battle at Arsuf and refortified Jaffa.
  • But Taganrog was not to be refortified, and Russia was to have no war-ships on the sea of Azov or the Black Sea.
  • To the north-west, a new city, Citta Geminiana (still represented by the village of Cittanova); but about the close of the 9th century Modena was restored and refortified by its bishop, Ludovicus.
  • Kronstadt, always strong, has been thoroughly refortified on modern principles.
  • It was occupied by the French in 1806, and refortified in 1813 by command of Napoleon; but in 1814 it was stormed by the Prussians under Tauentzien, who received the title of "von Wittenberg" as a reward.

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