Sentence Examples

  • Deidre shifted away then eyed him when he reestablished the touch.
  • This act was amended in 1897 to meet the wishes of the Roman Catholic minority, but separate schools were not reestablished; nor was the council divided into denominational committees.
  • The fleet was restored, and recaptured Lemnos and other islands which had passed into the hands of the Venetians; the revolts caused by Kuprili's severity were put down, and tranquillity was reestablished in Transylvania.
  • By decree of the 24th of November 1860, the ministry of Algeria and the colonies was abolished and the office of governor-general reestablished with increased powers.
  • Lettres de cachet were abolished by the Constituent Assembly, but Napoleon reestablished their equivalent by a political measure in the decree of the 9th of March 1801 on the state prisons.