Sentence Examples

  • When he had united his kingdom, he took the field against the Mahommedans; and the period of the great reconquest began.
  • Here early in the 8th century lived King Pelayo, who started the Christian reconquest of Spain.
  • In the south this campaign marked real progress, not mere objectless plunder, for it was followed by the reconquest of great districts in Prigord and the Agenais, which had been lost to England since the r3th century.
  • But the island underwent severe periods of suffering after its capture and reconquest from the Florentines (1595) and the Venetians (1694-1695), which greatly reduced the number of the Latins.
  • Stamford was the next to yield, soon followed by Nottingham, and in 920 there was a general submission on the part of the Danes and the reconquest of the Danelagh was now complete.

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