Sentence Examples

  • The simple rampart enclosed a space called lis 1 which contained 1 The term rath was perhaps applied to the rampart, but both lis and rath are used to denote the whole structure.
  • 3922) who established the meeting of Tara, Cimbaeth (c. 305 B.C.) the reputed founder of Emain Macha, Ugaine Mor, Labraid Loingsech, and Eochaid Feidlech, who built Rath Cruachan for his celebrated daughter, Medb queen of Connaught.
  • On the 7th of March 1526 the Zurich Rath issued an edict threatening all who were baptized anew with death by drowning, and in 1529 the emperor Charles V., at the diet of Spires, ordered Anabaptists to be put to death with fire and sword without even the form of ecclesiastical trial.
  • Like many other distinguished German jurists, pari passu with his professorial activity, Simson followed the judicial branch of the legal profession, and, passing rapidly through the subordinate stages of auscultator and assessor, became adviser (Rath) to the Landgericht in 1846.
  • The siege had lasted 65 - others say 40 - days, when the news came of the death of Yazid, which took place presumably on the r4th of Rabia I, 64 (rath November 683).

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