Sentence Examples

  • The name radiometer arose from an idea that the final steady speed of rotation might be utilized as a rough measure of the intensity of the exciting radiation.
  • Of late years the peculiarities of the radiometer at higher gas-pressures have been very completely studied by E.
  • Utilizing this principle he constructed the radiometer, which he was at first disposed to regard as a machine that directly transformed light into motion, but which was afterwards perceived to depend on thermal action.
  • On this ground Maxwell inferred that the forces acting in the radiometer are connected with gliding of the gas along the unequally heated boundaries; and as the laws of this slipping, as well as the constitution of the adjacent layer, are uncertain, the problem becomes very intricate.
  • By thus controlling and partially eliminating the aggregate gas-effect, they succeeded in making a small radiometer, horizontally suspended, into a delicate and reliable measurer of the intensity of the radiation incident on it.

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