Sentence Examples

  • QUINOLINE (Benzopyridine), C 9 H 7 N, an organic base first obtained from coal-tar in 1834 by F.
  • Quinoline is a colourless liquid with a smell resembling that of pyridine.
  • Nitric acid and chromic acid have little action on quinoline, but alkaline potassium permanganate oxidizes it to carbon dioxide, ammonia, oxalic, and quinolinic acids (S.
  • Numerous substitution products of quinoline are known, and the positions in the molecule are generally designated in accordance with the scheme shown in the inset formula: the letters o, m, p, a, standing for ortho-, meta-, Para-, and ana-.
  • They are both crystalline solids, the former melting when anhydrous at 199-200°, and the latter at 52° C. ' Of the homologues of quinoline, the most important are quinaldine, lepidine, -y-phenylquinoline, and flavoline.

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