Sentence Examples

  • Quincy granite, a hornblende, pyroxene, bluish or greyish, without mica, was used for the construction of the Bunker Hill monument at Charlestown (in 1826), and of King's Chapel, Boston; and for interior decorations it has found some use, for example in the Philadelphia city buildings.
  • The crystals belong to the monoclinic system, and it is a curious fact that in habit and angles they closely resemble pyroxene (a silicate of calcium, magnesium and iron).
  • The rocks are liparites, dacites, hornblende and pyroxene andesites.
  • Both Great and Little Ararat consist entirely of volcanic rocks, chiefly andesites and pyroxene andesites, with some obsidian.
  • The pyroxenes may be pale green diopside, dark green aegirine-augite, or blackish green aegirine (soda iron pyroxene), and in many cases are complex, the outer portions being aegirine while the centre is diopside.

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