Sentence Examples

  • Homo-pyrocatechin is an isomer (CH 3: OH: OH= I: 3 : 4), found as its methyl ether (creosol) in beech-wood tar.
  • PYROCATECHIN, or Pyrocatechol, ortho-dioxybenzene, C 6 H 4 (OH) 2, first prepared in 1839 by H.
  • Pyrocatechin crystallizes in white rhombic prisms, which melt at 104° and boil at 245°; it is readily soluble in water, alcohol and ether.
  • Guaiacol may be obtained directly from beechwood tar, from pyrocatechin by methylation with potash and potassium methyl sulphate at 180°, or from anisol by nitration, reduction of the ortho-nitroanisol to amino-anisol, which is then diazotized and boiled with water.
  • Many other pyrocatechin derivatives have been suggested for therapeutic application.

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