Sentence Examples

  • Pyridine gives origin to: pyridazine or ortho-diazine, pyrimidine or metadiazine, pyrazine or para-diazine, osotriazine, unsymmetrical triazine, symmetrical triazine, osotetrazone and tetrazine.
  • Their alkyl derivatives readily oxidize to pyrazine carboxylic acids.
  • Pyrazine, C4H4N2, crystallizes from water in prisms, which have a heliotrope odour.
  • It melts at 55° C. and boils at 115° C. It may also be obtained by elimination of carbon dioxide from the pyrazine dicarboxylic acid formed when quinoxaline is oxidized with alkaline potassium permanganate (S.
  • And III., pyrazine being I.: HC N CH HC NH CH HC N CH2 H2C NH CH2 HC N CH2 H2C NH H2 I (Pyrazine) II (1.4 dihydro) III (2.3 dihydro) IV (Piperazine).

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