Sentence Examples

  • No writer who was acquainted with Hebrew history could suppose that there was any relation between the national morality and the abundance of prophetic visions; the period in which such visions were most numerous is precisely that in which the corruption of morals is painted by the prophets in the darkest colours and, on the other hand, the people are said (in Pss.
  • Cxiii., the school of Hillel favoured Pss.
  • Briggs 1 points out that the term "Hallelujah" (Praise ye Yah) is found at the close of Pss.
  • Civ., cv., cxv., cxvi., cxvii., at the beginning of Pss.
  • 6-8 (5-7), Eccles., Wisdom, are discussions of the moral government of the world; Prov., Pss.

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