Sentence Examples

  • At his own expense he provisioned and armed the fortress, and leaving in it a strong garrison under the command of his brother-in-law Mihaly Szilagyi and his own eldest son Laszlo, he proceeded to form a relief army and a fleet of two hundred corvettes.
  • Found himself in possession of an army that was well equipped, well clothed, well provisioned, and very different from the rabble of the Thirty Years War, fitted out by dishonest jobbing contractors.
  • In 1680 a body of marauders over 300 strong, well armed and provisioned, landed on the shore of Darien and struck across the country; and the cruelty and mismanagement displayed in the policy of the Spaniards towards the Indians were now revenged by the assistance which the natives eagerly rendered to the adventurers.
  • The gravest problem of mining in the interior country, even graver than that presented by the climate, is transportation; in 1900 the Tanana fields, for example, were provisioned from Circle City, about 125 m.
  • The Marshall Islanders are the boldest and most skilful navigators in the Pacific. Their voyages of many months' duration, in great canoes sailing with outrigger to windward, well-provisioned, and depending on the skies for fresh water, help to show how the Pacific was colonized.

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