Sentence Examples

  • The observatory, which was connected by wire with the post office at Fort William, was provisioned by the Scottish Meteorological Society, to whom it belonged.
  • He would seem to have kept down to the coast until the headland of Ras Malan was reached, scattering before him the bands of Arabitae and Oritae who were the inhabitants of this well-provisioned tract.
  • As he refused to give up his duchy he was kept in prison, while Henry confiscated the estates of powerful nobles, demanded the restoration of ducal lands by the bishops, and garrisoned newly-erected forts with Swabians, who provisioned themselves from the surrounding country.
  • (the Seventh Crusade), and in spite of illness he hastened to Ushmum Tanna, in the neighborhood of Damietta, which he provisioned for a siege.
  • Surrey, who was ill-provisioned, challenged him to fight on the open field of Wooler Haugh.