Sentence Examples

  • Prelates are protonotaries apostolic, domestic prelates, private.
  • Only protonotaries and domestic prelates are for life; the others lose their dignity at the death of the pope who appointed them.
  • Among the prelates we should mention the protonotaries, the successors of the old notaries or officials of the papal chancery in the earliest centuries; the seven protonotarii participantes were restored by Pope Pius X.
  • To the chancery, as noted above, but they have kept important honorary privileges; this is yet another source of distinctions conferred upon a great number of priests outside of Rome, the protonotaries of different classes.
  • Hitherto the way had been blocked by a horde of protonotaries, dataries and other officials - purveyors of indulgences, dispensations and such-like spiritual favours - to whom reform spelt ruin.