Sentence Examples

  • It prides itself.
  • To do this it was necessary to drive out a large number of the members of the House of Commons by what was known as Prides Purge, and to obtain from the mutilated Execution Commons the dismissal of the House of Lords, and ~the the establishment of a high court of justice, before which the king was brought to trial and sentenced to death.
  • 120) he prides himself on the independence and love of truth which he had displayed in the Apology.
  • In the preface to his fifth book he excuses his trenching on the region of political history on the ground of his desire to spare his readers the disgust which perusal of the endless disputes of the bishops could not fail to excite, and in that to his sixth book he prides himself on never having flattered even the orthodox bishops.
  • Thus, amongst agricultural castes, those engaged in vegetable-growing or market-gardening are inferior to the genuine peasant or yeoman, such as the Jat and Rajput; whilst of these the Jat who practises widow-marriage ranks below the Rajput who prides himself on his tradition of ceremonial orthodoxy - though racially there seems little, if any, difference between the two; and the Rajput, again, is looked down upon by the Babhan of Behar because he does not, like himself, scruple to handle the plough, instead of invariably employing low-caste men for this manual labour.

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