Sentence Examples

  • The electromotive force so selected is balanced against the steady potential difference produced between a fixed and a sliding contact on a wire traversed by another steady current, and if there is any difference between this last, the potential difference, and the instantaneous potential difference balanced against it, a relay is operated and sets in action a motor which shifts the contact point along the potentiometer wire and so restores the balance.
  • Later observers have generally employed a balance method (some modification of the potentiometer or Poggendorf balance) for measuring the E.M.F.
  • The principles of telegraphy (land, submarine and wireless) and of telephony are discussed in the articles Telegraph and Telephone, and various electrical instruments are treated in separate articles such as Amperemeter; Electrometer; Galvanometer; Voltmeter; Wheatstone'S Bridge; Potentiometer; Meter, Electric; Electrophorus; Leyden Jar; &C.
  • The Difference Of Potential E Between The Ends Of The Tube, And The Electric Current C Through It, Are Measured On An Accurately Calibrated Potentiometer, In Terms Of A Clark Cell And A Standard Resistance.
  • POTENTIOMETER, an instrument for the measurement of electromotive force and also of difference of electric potential between two points.

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