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  • Prefrontal bones are absent; post-frontals are possibly indicated by a frequently occurring separate centre of ossification in the postorbital process, to which the frontals always contribute.
  • Dogs, wolves, jackals, &c., which constitute the genus Canis in its more restricted sense, foxes are best distinguished by the circumstance that in the skull the (postorbital) projection immediately behind the socket for the eye has its upper surface concave, with a raised ridge in front, in place of regularly convex.
  • Sewellels are medium-sized terrestrial rodents, with no postorbital process to the skull, which is depressed in form, and rootless cheek-teeth, among which the premolars number I, the first in the upper jaw being very small.
  • In the skull the infra-orbital foramen is narrow, and postorbital processes and an alisphenoid canal are absent.
  • In the typical group of the genus Phascolomys we find the following characters: - Fur rough and coarse; ears short and rounded; muzzle naked; postorbital process of the frontal bone obsolete; ribs fifteen pairs.

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