Sentence Examples

  • The radula when present comprises several transverse rows of teeth, and each transverse row may have several teeth (polystichous), two teeth (distichous), or one tooth (monostichous).
  • Elongated, cylindrical, rounded at both ends; thick cuticle with acicular spicules; radula polystichous or wanting.
  • In Asterophyllites., the generic distinction of which from Annularia is not always clear, the narrow linear leaves are in crowded whorls, and the ultimate branches distichously arranged; in the Calamocladus of Grand' Eury - characteristic of the Upper Coal Measures - the whorls are more remote, and the twigs polystichous in arrangement.
  • These stems, known as Megaphytum when the leaves were in two rows, and as Caulopteris in the case of polystichous arrangement, are frequent, especially in the Permian of the Continent; when petrified, so that their internal structure is preserved, the name Psaronius is employed.

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