Sentence Examples

  • Malay Language And Literature The Malay language is a member of the Malayan section of the Malayo-Polynesian class of languages, but it is by no means a representative type of the section which has taken its name from it.
  • In the low and sub-mountainous lands the flora is a mixture of Malayan, Australian and Polynesian forms. There are, according to Muller, twice as many palms known from New Guinea as from Australia.
  • Hawaiki, the name of Te Kupe's traditional home, is identical with several other Polynesian place-names, e.g.
  • There is some evidence that the "tradition of the six canoes" does not represent the first contact of the Polynesian race with New Zealand.
  • It has been suggested that their separation did not take place until after the continent which once existed in the north Pacific had become submerged, and that the Malays wandered northward, while the Polynesian race spread itself over the islands of the southern archipelago.

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