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  • This is one of the Platonic solids, and is treated in the article Polyhedron, as is also the derived Archimedean solid named the "truncated tetrahedron"; in addition, the regular tetrahedron has important crystallographic relations, being the hemihedral form of the regular octahedron and consequently a form of the cubic system.
  • More briefly, the figure may be defined as a polyhedron with two parallel faces containing all the vertices.
  • The mensuration of the cube, and its relations to other geometrical solids are treated in the article Polyhedron; in the same article are treated the Archimedean solids, the truncated and snubcube; reference should be made to the article Crystallography for its significance as a crystal form.
  • Octahedra having triangular faces other than equilateral occur as crystal forms. See Polyhedron and Crystallography.
  • As regards the former figure this is evident at once; viz, the polyhedron consists of two pyramids with vertices represented by 0, 0, and a common base whose perimeter is represented by the forcepolygon (only one of these is shown in fig.

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