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  • According to Plucker, the coefficient of cubical dilatation at moderately low temperatures is 0.0001585.
  • We now come to Julius Plucker; his " six equations " were given in a short memoir in Crelle (1842) preceding his great work, the Theorie der algebraischen Curven (1844).
  • Plucker first gave a scientific dual definition of a curve, viz.; " A curve is a locus generated by a point, and enveloped by a line - the point moving continuously along the line, while the line rotates continuously about the point "; the point is a point (ineunt.) of the curve, the line is a tangent of the curve.
  • Plucker, moreover, imagined a system of line-co-ordinates (tangential co-ordinates).
  • The expression for the number of inflections 3m(rn - 2) for a curve of the order m was obtained analytically by Plucker, but the theory was first given in a complete form by Hesse in the two papers " Uber die Elimination, u.s.w.," and " Uber die Wendepuncte der Curven dritter Ordnung " (Crelle, t.

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