Sentence Examples

  • Plantin at Antwerp.
  • Nippold in 1862) that the printer of Niclaes's works was Christopher Plantin, of Antwerp, a specially privileged printer of Roman Catholic theology and liturgy, yet secretly a steadfast adherent of Niclaes.
  • A curious museum is the Maison Plantin, the house of the great printer C. Plantin and his successor Moretus, which stands exactly as it did in the time of the latter.
  • But humanism, first of all in its protagonist Erasmus, afterwards in the long 'a ' list of critical scholars and editors, Lipsius, Heinsius sc and Grotius, in the printers Elzevir and-Plantin, developed ship. itself from the centre of the Leiden university with massive energy, and proved that it was still a motive force of intellectual progress.

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