Sentence Examples

  • - The Scots Choppin, or Half-Pint, 1555.
  • "The liquor bottle outside the Lucky Pup mine was a pint of vodka, too," Cynthia said.
  • Under it the state bought liquors, graded them in accordance with a chemical analysis, and sold them to consumers in packages of not less than one half-pint; the dispensaries were open from sunrise to sunset, no sales were made to minors or drunkards, and no liquor was drunk on the premises; there was a state dispensary commissioner and a state board of control; and the profits were divided between the state, the counties and the municipalities, the share of the state being devoted to educational purposes.
  • He thought she was joking but when she returned with a full pint of vodka, he realized she was serious.
  • The imperial British pint = 57 of a litre, 34.66 cub.