Sentence Examples

  • Weizsacker, McGiffert and Pincher), though most break it off at ver.
  • 20, though it may have lain originally (Pincher) between 16 and 17.
  • This may be said to be the position generally taken up by the leading English scholars; it differs slightly in a conservative direction, but not widely, from that of Harnack, a little more from that of Pincher, and again a little more from that of von Soden.
  • 2 Thessalonians is still questioned by scholars of some note; but when Pincher can say that no question could be raised if it were not for the existence of I Thessalonians (assumed to be genuine), this is practically giving up the whole case, because the objections drawn from I Thessalonians are, at least to the present writer, only an example of faulty criticism.
  • Zahn and Pincher may be said to supplement and correct each other, as they write from very different points of view, and on Jalicher's side there is no lack of criticism of his great opponent.