Sentence Examples

  • These substances absorb water and become pimelic acids.
  • Thus salicylic acid yields n-pimelic acid, [[Hooc (Ch 2) 5 Cooh]], while o-, m-, and p-cresotinic acids, C 6 H 3 (CH 3)(OH)(000H), yield isomeric methylpimelic acids.
  • Sodium reduces salicylic acid in boiling amyl alcohol solution to n-pimelic acid (A.
  • Wislicenus, Ann., 18 93, 275, p. 309): [CH 2 CH 2 CO 2] 2 Ca---[CH 2 CH 2] 2 CO; by the action of sodium on the esters of acids of the adipic and pimelic acid series (W.
  • Wislicenus, Ann., 18 93, 2 75, p. 312), is also obtained by the action of sodium on the esters of pimelic acid; by the distillation of calcium succinate; and by hydrolysis of the cyclopentanone carboxylic acid, obtained by condensing adipic and oxalic esters in the presence of sodium ethylate.

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