Sentence Examples

  • On the 9th of April their main body of six corps crossed the Inn between Braunau and Passau, and simultaneously two additional corps moved from Pilsen in Bohemia on Regensburg.
  • Other towns of importance in the republic are Brno (Briinn), with 200,000 inhabitants, the capital of Moravia, and the centre of an old established and flourishing textile industry; Plzen (Pilsen) with 10o,000 inhabitants, famous for its beer and as the seat of the Skoda iron works; Kosice (Kaschau), the commercial centre of eastern Slovakia; and UThorod (Ungvar), the capital of Russinia.
  • Venice, 1 475); a Bohemian one at Pilsen, 1475-1479, and at Prague, 1495 Caxton's English versions, 1483, 1487 and 1 493; and a German one in 1489.
  • PILSEN (Czech, Plzen), a town of Bohemia, Austria, 68 m.
  • Pilsen first appears in history in 976, as the scene of a battle in the war between Prince Boleslaus and the emperor Otto II., and it became a town in 1272.