Sentence Examples

  • Pamphlet was placed on the Index, ostensibly on account of a phrase, The whole of Italy entered Rome by the breach of Porta Pia; the king cannot restore Rome to the pope, since Rome belongs to the Italian people.
  • It was also in the reign of Justinian that Cosmas Indicopleustes, an Egyptian merchant, made several voyages, and afterwards composed his XpUTTcavuxr} Toaoypa(Pia (Christian Topography), containing, in addition to his absurd cosmogony, a tolerable description of India.
  • After holding more than 200 sittings the so-called Commission was dissolved without getting beyond the realm of theory and pia desideria.
  • Besides the works already noticed, Glanvill wrote Lux orientalis (1662); Philosophia pia (1671); Essays on Several Important Subjects in Philosophy and Religion (1676); An Essay concerning Preaching; and Sermons.
  • Stifel introduced the sign (+) for addition or a positive quantity, which was previously denoted by plus, pia, or the letter p. Subtraction, previously written as minus, mene or the letter m, was symbolized by the sign (-) which is still in use.

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