Sentence Examples

  • Kouriokurineos (Archbishop of Cyprus), 'la - To pia xpovoXoyclo) Tres *rot) Kin r pot, (Venice, 1788); de Mas Latrie, Histoire de file de Chypre sous les princes de la niaison .de Lusignan (Paris, 1852 f.); H.
  • It`was held by Gregory of Nyssa, Ambrose, who uses the phrase pia fracas, Augustine, Leo I., and Gregory I., who expresses it in its worst form.
  • 2 At a somewhat later date he wrote to Arcadius of Cyprus, commanding that "two energies" should not be spoken of; and in 626, while in Lazistan (Colchis), he had a meeting with the metropolitan, Cyrus of Phasis, during which this command was discussed, and Cyrus was at last bidden to seek further instruction on the subject from Sergius, patriarch of Constantinople, a strong upholder of the pia EvEp-yECa, and the emperor's counsellor with regard to it.
  • To her association with Apollo are certainly to be referred the names Delphinia and Pythia, and the titles referring to state and family life-7rpocraTr/pia, 7rarpcc2Yrts, (30vXaia.
  • `Ayla /o(Pia, Holy Wisdom) is the glory of Byzantine art, and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

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