Sentence Examples

  • Kopp contributed the general theoretical part, Kolbe the organic, and Buff and Zamminer the physico-chemical.
  • Physico-chemical properties have also been drawn upon to decide whether double unions are present in the benzene complex; but here the predilections of the observers apparently influence the nature of the conclusions to be drawn from such data.
  • This subject has occupied a dominant position in physico-chemical research since the investigations of van't Hoff and Arrhenius.
  • Guye has given a critical discussion of the relative accuracy of the gravimetric and physico-chemical methods, and favours the latter, giving for the atomic weight a value less than 14.01.
  • Hydrodynamical methods received increased attention and the investigation of the movements of the ocean by means of physico-mathematical devices developed as a result of the older work of Bjerknes, continued chiefly by Helland-Hansen and Sandstrom.