Sentence Examples

  • U1 - U', leaf-traces, numbered according to the phyllotaxis, It 5 belonging to the lowest leaf of the five; ph, a group of primary phloem; pd, periderm, formed from pericycle.
  • - The genus Lepidodendron, with very numerous species, ranging from the Devonian to the Permian, consisted of trees, with a tall upright shaft, bearing a dense crown of dichotomous branches, clothed with simple narrow leaves, ranged in some complex spiral phyllotaxis.
  • Divergence may alter either a, The branch, with the leaves abruptly or gradually, and the numbered in order; b, a magnified phyllotaxis thus becomes very representation of the branch, complicated.
  • In the bud of the screw-pine the leaves are arranged in three orthostichies with the phyllotaxis but by torsion the developed leaves become arranged in three strong spiral rows running round the stem.
  • These causes of change in phyllotaxis are also well exemplified in the alteration of an opposite or verticillate arrangement to an alternate, and vice versa; thus the effect of interruption of growth, in causing alternate leaves to become opposite and verticillate, can be distinctly shown in Rhododendron ponticum.