Sentence Examples

  • MARSYAS, in Greek mythology, a Phrygian god or Silenus, son of Hyagnis.
  • He was originally the god of the small river of the same name near Celaenae, an old Phrygian town.
  • The story of Alexander's cutting the fatal "Gordian knot" on the chariot of the ancient Phrygian king Gordius is connected with his stay in this place.
  • (quoting from Varro): the Babylonian or Persian, the Libyan, the Cimmerian, the Delphian, the Erythraean, the Samian, the Cumaean, the Hellespontine, the Phrygian and the Tiburtine.
  • "Becos," said the wise man, "is a Phrygian [Footnote: Phrygian (_pro_. frij'i an).] word, and it means _bread_."

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