Sentence Examples

  • Calc-schists are usually argillaceous limestones in which a large development of biotite or phlogopite has occasioned foliation.
  • The principal members of the group are muscovite, biotite, phlogopite and lepidolite.
  • The angle between the optic axes varies from 70 0 -50° in muscovite and lepidolite to Io - o° in biotite and phlogopite; the latter are thus frequently practically uniaxial.
  • To the first class, with the optic axial plane perpendicular to the plane of symmetry, belong muscovite, lepidolite, paragonite, and a rare variety of biotite called anomite; the second class includes zinnwaldite, phlogopite, lepidomelane and most biotites.
  • He became deaf after the percussion from the loud crash.