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  • His treatise, The Meaning and Use of "Baptizein" Philologically and Historically Investigated (1860), an "appendix to the revised version of the Gospel by Matthew," is a valuable summary of the evidence for Baptist doctrine.
  • Thus the Jews in Europe have almost lost the use of Hebrew, but speak as their vernacular the language of their adopted nation, whatever it may be; even the JewishGerman dialect, though consisting so largely of Hebrew words, is philologically German, as any sentence shows: " Ich hab noch hoiom to geachelt, " I have not yet eaten to-day."
  • In Baluchistan, even yet, we find side by side with the eponymous Iranian inhabitants, who il T~b only penetrated thither a few centuries ago, the ~ es ethnologically and philologically distinct race of the Brahui, who are probably connected with the Dravidians of India.
  • Troubled Palestine in the 15th century are no other than Hebrews (the equation is philologically sound), i.e.
  • The name Minos seems to be philologically the equivalent of Minyas, the royal ancestor of the Minyans of Orchomenus, and his daughter Ariadne ("the exceeding holy") is a double of the native nature-goddess.

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