Sentence Examples

  • On the outside of the shell is a non-calcified layer of conchiolin called the periostracum, secreted by the thickened edge of the mantle.
  • - One row of branchial filaments is directed dorsally, the other ventrally; the mantle has a long posteroventral suture and a single posterior aperture; the labial palps of each side are fused together; shell elongate; hinge without teeth; periostracum thick.
  • In the shell of Lamellibranchs three distinct layers can be distinguished: an external chitinous, non-calcified layer, the periostracum; a middle layer composed of calcareous prisms perpendicular to the surface, the prismatic layer; and an internal layer composed of laminae parallel to the surface, the nacreous layer.
  • The periostracum is produced by the extreme edge of the mantle border, the prismatic layer by the part of the border within the edge.

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