Sentence Examples

  • Sometimes, as usually in monocotyledons, the calyx and corolla are similar; in such cases the term perianth, or perigone, is applied.
  • Thus, in the tulip, crocus, lily, speak of the parts of the perianth, in place of corolla, although in these plants there is an outer whorl (calyx), of three parts, and an inner (corolla), of a similar number, alternating with them.
  • - Monochlamydeous (apetalous) flower of Goosefoot (Chenopodium), consisting of a single perianth (calyx) of five parts, enclosing five stamens, which are opposite the divisions of the perianth, owing to the absence of the petals.
  • Coloured hairs are seen on the petals of Menyanthes, and on the segments of the perianth of Iris.
  • When the perianth (p) expands, the filaments are thrown out with force as at a, so as to scatter the pollen.

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