Sentence Examples

  • Shipton's traveling companion, Penelope Something, hysterically filled in what little she knew to Jake Weller and Emile Corday, both of whom visited the patient at the hospital.
  • Four years afterwards he made his first appearance as an author with an elegy called Fame's Memorial, or the Earl of Devonshire deceased, and dedicated to the widow of the earl (Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy, "coronized," to use Ford's expression, by King James in 1603 for his services in Ireland) - a lady who would have been no unfitting heroine for one of his own tragedies of lawless passion, the famous Penelope, formerly Lady Rich.
  • The most numerous of these are the perdiz (partridge), the best known of which is the Tinamus maculosa which frequents the campos of the south, the inhambd (Crypturus), capoeira (Odontophorus), and several species of the penelope family popularly known as the jacutinga, j acu and jacu-assu.
  • Then father and son, aided by Eumaeus and Philoetius, slew or drove out the suitors of Penelope (see Odysseus).
  • Soon after his marriage to Penelope he was summoned to the Trojan war.

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