Sentence Examples

  • Innumerable aquatic birds haunt the banks of the Save, Danube and Drina, and the lower reaches of the Timok and Morava; among them being pelicans, cranes, grey and white herons, and many other kinds of waders, besides wild geese, ducks, rail and snipe.
  • Cranes, storks, flamingoes and pelicans are found in large variety.
  • Birds include the ostrich, great kori bustard, the eagle, vulture, hawk and crane, francolin, golden cuckoo, bootie, scarlet and yellow finches, kingfishers, parrots (in the eastern regions), pelicans and flamingoes.
  • Snipe and various species of wild fowl are found in the marshes, and pelicans and storks abound along the banks of the Euphrates and Tigris.
  • Large numbers of grebes - great crested, eared, and little, - gulls and pelicans frequent the lake.

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