Sentence Examples

  • 2), the area is MN.1(MA+NB)+NP.1 (NB+ PC)+...
  • A, Arrow from proboscis-cavity (pc) passing to left of peri cardium (per) and out through proboscis pore-canal.
  • Integrating by parts in (II), we get J e = ikr d7 pc-11 / d (e r - ay= rJ Z d y - r / 1 dY, in which the integrated terms at the limits vanish, Z being finite only within the region T.
  • Be pc/2 for co-aggregation, c, per unit mass.
  • The substance whose volume is to be determined is placed in the cup PE, and the tube PC is immersed in the vessel of mercury D, until the mercury reaches the mark P. The plate E is then placed on the cup, and the tube PC raised until the surface of the mercury in the tube stands at M, that in the vessel D being at C, and the height MC is measured.

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