Sentence Examples

  • 2 3.7 There may have been stories in circulation like that of Ea-bani (� 8), and even such as those of the Skidi Pawnee, in which "people" marry animals, or become animals.
  • Cheyne, Genesis and Exodus, referring to Dorsey, Traditions of the Skidi Pawnee, pp. 2, 80 ff.
  • Or skin wigwams, the Pawnee earth lodge, the Iroquois them into shape with bone tools.
  • The Caddoan family was represented by the Middle or Pawnee Confederacy; the Siouan family by its Dakota, Thegiha, Chiwere and Winnebago branches.
  • Before the Civil War there were no very general troubles between Indians and whites, despite constant frontier difficulties, except the bloodless " Pawnee War " of 1859-60; but in 186364 the Indians rose rather generally along the frontier, and many settlers were killed.

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