Sentence Examples

  • DADABHAI NAOROJI (1825-), Indian politician, was born at Nasik on the 4th of September 1825, the son of a Parsi priest.
  • BEHRAMJI MALABARI (1853-), Indian journalist and social reformer, was born in 1853 at Baroda, the son of a poor Parsi in the employment of the state, who died shortly after his birth.
  • In Hindu (the Puranas), Parsi and Arab tradition, Mer y is looked upon as the ancient Paradise, the cradle of the Aryan families of mankind, and so of the human race.
  • Next to the skin the Parsi wears a sadra or sacred shirt, with a girdle called kasti.
  • The Parsi wears loose cotton trousers like a Mussulman.