Sentence Examples

  • Most of these are cancers of the lymphoid tissues (leukemias and lymphomas), but one fifth of the cancers occur in the stomach, brain, ovary, skin, liver, larynx, parotid gland, and breast.
  • In most cases, the first sign of mumps is a swelling in the parotid glands; occasionally, mumps may begin with a slight fever, headache, and malaise before the swelling appears.
  • From the stylomastoid foramen, the nerve enters the parotid gland and divides into an estimated 7,000 nerve fibers that control a wide range of facial and neck activity.
  • The salivary glands are also called the parotid glands; therefore, mumps is sometimes referred to as an inflammation of the parotid glands (epidemic parotitis).
  • The doctor will take the child's temperature, gently palpate (touch) the skin over the parotid glands, and look inside the child's mouth.