Sentence Examples

  • When Zeus had resolved to destroy all mankind by a flood, Deucalion constructed a boat or ark, in which, after drifting nine days and nights, he landed on Mount Parnassus (according to others, Othrys, Aetna or Athos) with his wife.
  • The massive ridge of Parnassus (8068 ft.), which traverses the heart of the country, divides it into two distinct portions.
  • Under the southern slope of Parnassus were situated the two small plains of Crisa and Anticyra, separated by Mt Cirphis, an offshoot from the main range.
  • The ancient Zend name is, according to Rawlinson, Paresina, the essential part of Paropamisus; this accounts for the great Asiastic Parnassus of Aristotle, and the Pho-lo-sin-a of Hsiian Tsang.
  • In south Germany appeared the Wurttembergische Nebenstunden (1718), and the Parnassus boicus, first published at Munich in 1722.