Sentence Examples

  • Annual parallax is the angle between the direction in which a star appears from the earth and the direction in which it appears from the centre of the sun.
  • To obtain the true parallax, the mean parallax of the comparison stars must be added to this relative parallax.
  • Maskelyne's first contribution to astronomical literature was "A Proposal for Discovering the Annual Parallax of Sirius," published in 1760 (Phil.
  • It is, the orbit and periodic time is known, and also the parallax, the masses of the stars can be found.
  • (If only the relative orbit is known, the sum of the masses can be determined; but if absolute positions of one component have been observed, both masses can be determined separately.) But even when, as in most cases, the parallax is unknown or uncertain, the ratio of the brightness to the mass can be accurately found.

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