Sentence Examples

  • The cuticle is frequently prolonged into spines and papillae, which are especially developed at the anterior end of the body.
  • The Eolid-like Nudibranchs, amongst other specialities of structure, possess (in some cases at any rate) apertures at the apices of the " cerata " or dorsal papillae, which lead from the exterior into the hepatic caeca.
  • Some amongst them (Tergipes, Eolis) are also remarkable for possessing peculiarly modified cells placed in sacs (cnidosacs) at the apices of these same papillae, which resemble the " thread-cells " of the Coelentera.
  • Dorsum furnished on either side with papillae, at the base of which are ramified appendages.
  • Tegumentary papillae not ramified, and containing cnidosacs with nematocysts.

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