Sentence Examples

  • Is the real meaning of the legend that Pisa, glorious through her consuls, brought the pandects in a single codex from Amalfi.
  • Discussions of the Roman Institute and Pandects were common in the deliberations of the courts.
  • He left for Rome, where, after a short imprisonment on suspicion of being a spy, he gained the favour of Pope Paul V., through whose influence with Cosimo II., grand duke of Tuscany, he was appointed to the professorship of the Pandects at Pisa.
  • It has been said that the copy of the Pandects then taken by the Pisans from Amalfi was the first known to them, but in fact they were already acquainted with those laws.
  • He had also been engaged for some years in the preparation of an edition of the Pandects and of a work on Christian evidences.